🔑Daily Fact🔑

By: Camaran Azumara


Stress Kills Brain Cells:

Long-Term exposure to stress hormones like cortisol has been found to kill cells in the hippocampus involved with memory, learning, and emotion.


Get out in the sun= Vitamin D levels increase, and your adrenaline levels raise in your brain.

Laugh= Getting yourself to smile and chuckle, and you can basically reduce the burnout of everyday life.


Arrhythmia: When your brain is not producing enough GABA, your electricity is generated in bursts.

Dysrhythmia: The bursts during Arrhythmia lose their orchestration, and you may begin to feel restless, anxious, nervous, or irritable.


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Hi, I'm Camaran the Founder of Knowledge Daily. My purpose for creating this site is simple: to inform of whats trending around the world, as well, facts that could make an impact in lives all over.

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