Testimony for the day:

My story for the morning consisted of speaking in front of a class. I will be honest I rambled some, but I mean you learn from your experiences. The key to being a greater executor in communication is practice. This even applies to any other goal in life that you are trying to execute. Today was practice. I was like, “I don’t do this on an everyday basis, I’m no Eric Thomas or Tony Robbins in speaking. And I know it’ll be a learning experience.”
I believe I conveyed my point, even though it was somewhat sporadic and sometimes off topic, but I learned from this experience. I bring up this testimony because I truly believe that when you learn from your failures; then you never truly failed. The only time that you fail is when you haven’t learned from your failures. I was embarrassed for a moment I will say that, but when you are working on something in your life I feel you have to get uncomfortable and put yourself out there. I feel stronger today than ever before. Also, never take yourself too seriously. Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself. This morning was a laughing moment and a learning moment. And at the end of the speech I was applauded because I stayed true to myself, and had the courage to go up there and get uncomfortable.

I hope that by my testimony I can reach out to anyone who is trying to reach a goal.

“If you’re not good at something go and put yourself out there towards whatever you want to get good at. You may feel uncomfortable at first, but you get better and it becomes more natural in time.”
-Camaran Azumara

“The failures will come, but when you learn from them and truly believe in yourself then you can achieve anything.”
-Camaran Azumara

“Practice doesn’t exactly make perfect, but practice makes you better, stronger.”
-Camaran Azumara


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