Many Risks For Memory Decline Can Be Controlled. Learn How You Can Reduce Your Risk And Keep Memory Alive.

How healthy is your brain?

Your brain is your most important organ. It creates memories, drives your emotions and controls your every movement. Cherish it. Protect it. Take care of it.

Cleveland Clinic Six Pillars of Brain Health can help you preserve your memory and lower your risk for brain disease.

Protect and maintain your brain health by getting an annual checkup.

Get Moving
Pump up your heart
Get into strength training
Work on flexibility & balance

Keep Sharp
Build your brain reserve
Use it or lose it
Play, learn and study

Eat Smart
Enjoy a Mediterranean diet
Cook fresh; savor the taste

Stay Connected
Treasure your loved ones
Have purpose in life
Be social

Rest Well
Get at least 6 hours of sleep
Stay positive

Control Risks
Keep medical conditions in check
Quit smoking

You are your brain.

Your brain determines every aspect of your life.  It works tirelessly for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Today we live longer and we live healthier. Our heart, our joints, and the rest of our bodies can outlive our brain.  The Healthy Brains Initiative can help you create a brain span that matches your life span.

Your lifestyle has a profound impact on your brain health. Unlike aging and genetics, you have control of your lifestyle choices. provides you with tools, resources and a community to empower you to take actions to improve your brain health and prevent cognitive decline.

Checkout for information on how to improve your brain health. 

Even, find a neurologist near you who can perform a neurological examination. 

Find a neurologist near you by clicking here.



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