Urban Armor Gear case review: The Ultimate Smartphone Protection

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are in the hands of millions of customersA huge number of those new iPhone owners are going to want a case to their device in order to protect their pricy iPhone from inevitable scrapes and bumps.

Urban Armor Gear, renowned producers of robust cases for tablets and smartphones, are back with their latest offering for iPhone.

Urban Armor Gear’s Folio ($40)  case for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are sold as two separate models called Rogue Folio and Scout Folio, which come in two colors, red and black. Unlike other wallet folio-style cases, UAG’s Folio offers a hefty amount of protection — the case meets military drop test standards. UAG’s Folio case even offers button coverage, and a significant lip on the case provides screen protection even when the folio’s cover is off. Inside the folio cover is a slot that can hold three credit cards. The folio cover uses a magnetic strip to remain closed, which works well. 

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I have done some major reviews of folio cases during my lifetime, but UAG definitely applied some thought here, from the microfiber backing on the inner card flap to the simple magnetic strip used to secure the lid. Folio does add some bulk with its tough rubber shell, but not as much as you might expect considering the overall protection. Button coverage is appropriately clicky and responsive. I also appreciate that the wallet offers room for more than two cards — three can fit comfortably. 

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Urban Armor Gear’s Folio case is a rarity: a useful wallet folio that also offers a significant degree of protection.  Like other UAG cases, the design is bold. The black Scout Folio is a little less eye-catching than the red Rogue Folio, but a better pick if you’re looking for something stealthier. Although the case does suffer from some typical folio issues — you still have to hold the flap to the back of the case while using the phone, and taking pictures is awkward — Urban Armor Gear has done a better job than most within the limits of the design. Folio definitely deserves a look for iPhone 6 Plus users interested in a wallet folio-style case, and it earns our general recommendation.

All in All, the Urban Armor Gear case provides a good balance between added bulk and added protection. I feel comfortable taking my phone out an about in this case. The composite construction and military standard impact protection should prove to be an adequate shield for most users.


MIL-STD 810 is a US Military certification applied to equipment that can withstand tough environmental conditions. The Mil-Spec certification is granted to a number of commercial products that strive toward the same standards of ruggedness, durability, and protection.

  • 48 Dropped from a height of 48 inches.
  • 26 Dropped a total of 26 times.
  • 00 Sustaining zero damage to the device.


Photo Creds: Phil Dzikiy  

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