This Workout Will Get You Toned, Massive, or For The Ladies That Nice Round Firm Booty!!

Are you trying to get toned, massive, or for the ladies that nice round firm booty? 💪 If so you should try this workout by @mikerashid modified to your fitness level. This workout is worth the effort.

My modified workout plus the addition of abs that I added in.

(1) 135 lb. for 10 reps
(2) 225 lb. for 10 reps
(3) 265 lb. for 10 reps
(4) 305 lb. for 6 reps
(5) 350 lb. for 3 reps
(6) 375 lb. for 1 rep
(7) 265 lb. for 22 reps

Ab wheel in between. 3 sets of 15

Photo Creds: @bundleofbrittany, @qimmahrusso, @Ulissesworld, @jenafrumes, @camaransfitnessjourney

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