Texas A&M Defeats Arkansas In High Scoring Game

What a game between Arkansas and Texas A&M! A high scoring, hard hitting match between two teams in the South. Arkansas was up most of the time early on in the First Quarter, but Texas A&M rallied back to eventually take the lead in the second half. Arkansas wouldn’t allow it with a deep throw from Austin Allen to Jonathan Nance to eventually allow the TD run from David Williams to put Arkansas in the lead later in the fourth quarter. Kicker Daniel LaCamera wouldn’t allow for the Razorbacks to win in regulation without a fight. LaCamera tied the game at 43-43 at a short distance. In the end Texas A&M scored with a touchdown by Christian Kirk and finished it off with an interception. Final Score 50-43 Texas A&M.

Above Image: Christian Kirk (Texas A&M)

Above Image: Austin Allen (Razorbacks)

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