Blockstream Puts 5th Bitcoin Satellite into Earth’s Orbit

Blockchain in space = A big deal! A lot of this is done under the radar, and not everyone understands how big a deal this technology is. Now it can succeed or fail, but there is major innovation going on right now. 3-5 years from now we could see massive changes in our day to day lives. 🛰🚀

Blockstream Satellite Now Means Most Of The World Can Use Bitcoin Without Internet ⤵️⤵️ Blockchain technology company Blockstream revealed the second phase of its satellite-based Bitcoin communications project Blockstream Satellite this week. Part of a plan to provide free private Bitcoin sending and receiving without the need for an internet connection, the company now provides satellite coverage of the Asia Pacific region. Sending bitcoin market data to remote locations is just one of the exciting examples of the power of this service.

Blockchain development firm Blockstream has expanded its satellite service and is now broadcasting the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain to all of Earth’s major land masses, Forbes reported Dec. 17.

The wider coverage — which comes via the addition of a fifth leased satellite — brings potential internet-free Bitcoin transactions and information sharing to crypto users in the Asia Pacific region. The satellite service, still in beta, had hitherto already been available across Africa, Europe, South and North America.

Blockstream has also reportedly launched a new application programming interface (API), which allows lets the satellites be used to exchange encrypted messages and pay for them using micropayments on the Lightning Network. Blockstream CSO Samson Mow contextualized the move, saying, “Bitcoin has always been about uncensorable money, and now we have uncensorable communications as well.” As Forbes outlines, the ambitious Bitcoin space initiative aims to free crypto usage from dependency on access to the internet and make the security of the Bitcoin network maximally robust.

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