Google Adds Bitcoin Symbol “₿” To Its Keyboard.

📰 Google Adds Bitcoin Symbol “₿” To Its Keyboard.

It’s the small things that matter. Or perhaps the small things are actually really big things. Such thoughts come to mind after Google quietly added the bitcoin currency symbol (₿) to the Google Gboard keyboard available for Apple’s iOS devices.

As any ad agency will tell you, getting into the head of consumers is difficult but essential, and there is no better way of doing that than getting your brand on to people’s smartphones.

That’s why it matters when Google adopts bitcoin, albeit outwardly only at the level of the smartphone keyboard. Given that we spend a huge part of our lives on our mobile computers (OK call them phones if you want), it’s a big deal when bitcoin appears in such an in-your-face location as the keyboard potentially at the centre of our lives.

Inwardly of course things are different – Google’s crypto adoption doesn’t start and end with keyboards.

It emerged in March last year that Goggle is working on its own blockchain tech, according to a Bloomberg report citing unnamed individuals. The story said Google was looking to bring blockchain to its cloud services so that customers could use the tech to verify their interactions on the platform.

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