Strength training is also life training, if you approach it with the right mindset. These inspiring truths will have you nodding your head in agreement—and heading for the gym!

You see the bar down there on the ground. You’ve never picked up something quite so heavy before, but you’ve been training for months to do just that. So you get in perfect position, generate every bit of strength and tension your body and mind can muster, and then…up it goes. You drop it with a loud clang, the chalk and dust settles, and the moment is over.

Or is it? Countless strong people have discovered that the triumph of a PR is only the beginning of where training’s benefits begin. Once they’re outside of the gym, they see enhancement in their physical abilities, their mood, their ability to work, and even their ability to build meaningful relationships.

To show how, we’ve gathered true stories from real people who also happen to beErgoGenix athletes. Click the link below and read on as they share what it means to say, “I Lift, Ergo I Am.”

8 Ways Lifting Makes You Better At Everything

By Shannon Clark

Many Risks For Memory Decline Can Be Controlled. Learn How You Can Reduce Your Risk And Keep Memory Alive.

How healthy is your brain?

Your brain is your most important organ. It creates memories, drives your emotions and controls your every movement. Cherish it. Protect it. Take care of it.

Cleveland Clinic Six Pillars of Brain Health can help you preserve your memory and lower your risk for brain disease.

Protect and maintain your brain health by getting an annual checkup.

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Wow! This will blow your mind: The Cicret Bracelet: Like a tablet…but on your skin.


Have you ever wondered what could the tech world think of next?!


Introducing the Cicret Bracelet!

A new futuristic tech device that allows you to use your skin as a touch screen instead of your phone. The idea is absolutely brilliant! Innovative!

My mind is blown! 

Check it out below


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Article Bit By: Camaran Azumara

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