Talk About Innovation. Wow! A New Device Stimulates The Brain To Boost Athletic Performance

Halo Sport has big potential on the playing field—and in the exam room.

The Navy SEALs have a high-tech secret weapon. From a distance, it looks like a regular pair of headphones. But as its wearer exercises or navigates unfamiliar terrain, the Halo Sport device beams a flow of electrical pulses to the brain’s motor cortex. The result, its creators claim, is a supercharged ability to learn new skills and build physical strength—a brain primed for performance.

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Wow! This will blow your mind: The Cicret Bracelet: Like a tablet…but on your skin.


Have you ever wondered what could the tech world think of next?!


Introducing the Cicret Bracelet!

A new futuristic tech device that allows you to use your skin as a touch screen instead of your phone. The idea is absolutely brilliant! Innovative!

My mind is blown! 

Check it out below


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Article Bit By: Camaran Azumara

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